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There are many reasons for an air conditioning inspection. This is the best way to keep your unit operating smoothly. Inspections catch problems before they start saving homeowners and businesses from the inconvenience of living with an air conditioner in disrepair and unnecessary expenditures. Most combination units last for 15 years but replacement is expensive, costing thousands.

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Check thermostat

A thermostat set at 78 degrees can save hundreds of dollars a year but if your unit is outdated, it can cost you money. Install a thermostat that works automatically and has the latest sensors. Newer thermostats control the actions of the cooling system with more accuracy. This type of mechanism operates efficiently and is easily checked during an inspection.

Check for Cooling

During an inspection, if there is a problem with the cooling, it will be noticed. Waiting until the season starts and finding out your unit is not cooling the way it should is poor planning. Technicians are busy and it takes time to get around to everyone. Repair may take days depending upon the part in need of repair or the whole unit might need replacement.


Air conditioning may spring leaks as small as a pinhole. These leaks stop an air conditioner from cooling. It will dispense warm air no matter how long it stays on. The fan will work fine but cool air never develops. Low refrigerant may be the problem. If a unit goes unchecked, you will discover the problem in the most uncomfortable way.

Freezing of the unit, blown fuses and shrubbery-covered units all are problems for air conditioners. A professional inspection checks every detail of the unit including the wiring. These devices function with heavy voltage, so proper wiring is critical. A thorough inspection of a unit can correct problems before they affect the cooling system.


Air conditioners are relatively quiet. Construction of these units is solid with tight parts. Noise is not a good sign. If parts are loose or broken, an inspection will notice the problem. Air conditioning systems click on and off all the time but professionals know what to listen for. The inspection process also brings attention to any necessary cleaning. Dirt and debris causes labored operating of the air conditioner, increasing energy cost.

Change filter

Dirty filters are easy to change can create poor air circulation causing your air conditioner to cool inefficiently. Check and make sure the filter is clean. It is possible for a dirty filter to hold pathogens that may become unhealthy for your family. Without an inspection, you may have a very hot day or days. Summers are very unpleasant when the air conditioner is broken.

Whether your home makes use of a window unit or a central heating and air conditioning system, inspections are important. Poorly maintained cooling systems cost in energy and money. A well-kept system keeps a home cool and helps the environment. Summers are miserable without the proper cooling of a home and can cause health problems in severe heat if.